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The next time you hear piano music at an event or concert it's quite possible that you will be listening to a Palme piano. Many a famous musician has played one of our instruments.

Here is an extract from our reference list of rented-out pianos.

  • Hessenpark im Taunus
  • Schloß Alsbach im Odenwald
  • Südwestrundfunk, SWR
  • Open Air in Mainz with Nigel Kennedy & group, the "classical punk"
  • Lufthansa in Frankfurt (via agency)
  • Several banks in the Rhein-Main area
  • Several hotels in the Rhein-Main area
  • Several churches in the Rhein-Main area
  • Many small and big companies in the Rhein-Main area
  • A few events of the Kulturamt Bad Vilbel
  • A few events of the Kulturamt Friedberg
  • A few events of the city of Frankfurt
  • Messe AG Frankfurt
  • "Götz Alsmann & Band" (Jazzer, musician and entertainer with various CD releases, media star with his own TV show)
  • "Jazz unter den Platanen" (an event lasting several weeks in may in Bad Vilbel)
  • Museumsuferfest Frankfurt
  • Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt
  • Ikonenmuseum Frankfurt
  • Postmuseum Frankfurt
  • Städel Frankfurt
  • Palmengarten Frankfurt
  • Deutsche Post AG: 2 grand pianos for the opening event of "Aktie Gelb" in november 2000 in Frankfurt (via agency)
  • Kaufhof Frankfurt (via agency)
  • Kultur AG Frankfurt
  • Kronberger Kulturkreis
  • Zirkus Sarrasani
  • Restaurant im Japan Tower Frankfurt
  • Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst in Wiesbaden (via agency)
  • Hessisches Staatsbad Bad Nauheim
  • Literaturhaus Frankfurt
  • Countless private customers for festivity of all kind.
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