reparatur03Pianos too are governed by the second law of  thermodynamics...

...which states that pianos do not improve with time, and at some stage your piano will need to be overhauled or repaired. Our job is to care for the inner and outer condition of your dearly-loved instrument.

What's more you will be delighted with our unbeatable prices which include a 5-year guarantee on all work carried out.

reparatur05Pemploys a number of highly-qualified piano makers and carpenters. Countless satisfied customers have profited from their experience and enthusiasm. In our 300 sq. metres workshop we carry out re-finishing with polyester, shellac, or NC lacquer; work on the sound mechanism, keys, dampers and action; or restore according to historical examples. Here we can also offer low-priced first-class service. We would be pleased to provide a detailed estimate. 

For examples of a repair take a look at our  workshop diary (coming soon).

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